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System Plates

System plates are plastic sheets with pre-formed grips to hold the pipe in position. These are laid on top of insulation panels and hold the pipe in place before the floor is screeded.

This solution allows fast installation and ensures even spacing of the pipe. The sheets can be cut to size with a utility knife and lock together to prevent any screed ingress under the plates. The sheets can support foot traffic, so will protect the pipe if other trades are on site.

Staple Systems

Staple systems offer a cost effective solution for screeded floors. Simply staple the pipe to the insulation panels before the screed is applied.

This option offers flexibility of design and is a great solution for installers who want to minimise cost and are comfortable in spacing and laying out pipework.


The heat output is the result of a combination of factors including the underfloor heating system installed, the floor finish installed over it, the underfloor heating pipe spacing and the designed flow/return temperatures.
Below is a guide to typical heat outputs based on different pipe centres and floor coverings.
Heat source efficiency No covering10mm tiles25mm stones4mm vinyl7mm laminate6mm carpet18mm timber12mm carpet12mm carpet +
4mm underlay
TOG value of typical floor finish0.
Hep2O Underfloor Heating SystemPipe Centres
Staples inc 65mm Screed100mm6.055.775.485.454.644.003.423.012.58
System Plates inc 65mm Screed150mm5.074.864.644.614.003.503.052.712.36