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15mm Low-Build Max Panels

The Low-Build Max panels have been specially designed to keep overall floor height to an absolute minimum. At just 15mm deep and featuring pre-routed channels for easy placement of the flexible 10mm Hep2O pipe , the system allows underfloor heating to be installed quickly on all refurbishment projects – from kitchen re-fits to new spaces created by knocking walls through – without the need for existing flooring levels to be lowered.

The panels are of a large enough size – 1,200mm x 600mm – to allow installers to cover large areas at speed without being too bulky to handle. As the panels can be neatly trimmed using a hand saw and secured using adhesive, installation is simple and can be carried out by just one person if necessary.

What’s more, no diffuser plates are needed and the panels can be tilled over directly.

The Hep2O system is manufactured and Kitemarked to BS EN ISO 21003, and under a Quality Management System which satisfies BS EN ISO 9000 requirements. It is also covered by a 100 year guarantee against defects in material or manufacturing – offering you a total peace of mind.

15mm Ultra Slim Insulation Panels

The ultra slim system comprises of 15mm polystyrene insulation panels with metal diffuser plates pre-fitted. These have a channel for 10mm flexible Hep2O pipe. The total build height is 15mm (excluding an optional load bearing ply layer).

25mm Floating Floor Panels

Our 25mm floating floor option comprises of 25mm polystyrene insulation panels. It enables longer circuit lengths and utilises 15mm flexible Hep2O pipe. It is better suited to multiple zones. Diffuser plates should be ordered separately for the 25mm system.

Diffuser Plates

Diffuser plates are metal plates with a channel for 15mm pipe, which are fitted over the insulation layer and disperse the heat from the pipe across the floor.