Composite Manifold

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A manifold is required wherever underfloor heating is to be installed to serve two or more plumbed circuits from the boiler (or other primary heat source). When underfloor heating is being connected to a high temperature heat source which also controls hot water or radiators, a mixing unit is connected to the manifold to mix the water to the required temperature for the system.

The Hep2O underfloor heating range includes manifold solutions that can be tailored to each situation. The composite manifold can be sized to serve the exact number of individual underfloor heating circuits up to a maximum of 15 circuits. Single circuit installations which require water temperature control will be connected to their heat source via a mixing unit, but will not require a full manifold. See our video to find out more about what makes our manifold different from others on the market.

Composite Manifold Main Features

The unique Hep2O manifold is easy to install and gives you unrivalled flexibility.

  • Lightweight: simple to assemble and easy to install
  • No special tools required
  • Can be assembled in either left or right configuration
  • Ports can be assembled facing up or down as required to supply rooms above or below the manifold location
  • Easily extendable: additional circuits can be added at any time
  • Unique ‘Memory Ring’ enables individual circuit isolation, with quick and simple balancing without tools
  • A single circuit can be isolated and balanced without unbalancing the system BBA certified for a 25 year service life

Single Circuit Controls

A cost effective way to control a single room or smaller project is to use a single circuit control. This incorporates a standard circulator with an advanced mixer valve, to ensure the water flows at the correct temperature round the system.

A single control is suitable for circuits smaller than 100m2 with a heated floor area of 20m2 or less. Simply use an adaptor and spigot elbow to connect to the pipe circuit to the unit. For rooms of up to 24m2 you can split the coil and use a tee fitting to create 2 circuits.


Composite Manifold
*Only applies to installations requiring a control pack
MaterialManifold Body
Manifold Seals
Control Pack / Connections
PA6.6 – Glass Filled
ConnectionsPrimary1" G Flat Faced Female Union
SecondaryPipe Adapters for 16mmx1.8mm Polybutylene Pipe
Fill / Drain¾" G Flat Faced Male
MediumWater, Glycol Solutions
Max Percentage of Glycol30%
PressureMaximum Testing Pressure8 bar
Maximum Operating Pressure4 bar
Maximum Pressure Differential80 kPa
TemperatureMaximum Temperature100°C
Maximum Operating Temperature
Minimum Temperature4°C
Controlled Temperature Range*10 – 60°C
Maximum Flow RatePrimary
60 l/min (30 l/min)*
8 l/min
Manifold SizeMaximum Number of Ports15
StandardsBS EN ISO 15876-1 : 2003, BS EN ISO 15876-3 : 2003 and BS EN ISO 15876-5 : 2003, application class 4, for a lifetime of 25 years and a design pressure of 4 bar
BBA Certificate92/2823