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The manifold provides flow and return circulation of warm water at the correct temperature for the floor construction and the correct flow rate to ensure an even comfortable temperature across the whole floor surface. Individual circuits are controlled by their own thermostat positioned in each room supplied by the UFH.

A mortar plasticiser is to be used in Screed to make it more workable so it runs around the pipes and stops any pockets of air forming

This is probably just debris within the valve, which is causing an obstruction of the seal. The Auto air vent can be isolated using the manifolds isolation valves. The top section of the AAV can then be removed to gain access for cleaning with water. Replace the auto air vent if damaged.

Underfloor Heating can be installed on any type of pressurised sealed system or open vented system.

Yes, but you will need to use diffuser conductor plates.

There is a minimum thickness of insulation required by the building regulations, this is to achieve the required U-values. Either check with document L of the building regulations as thickness of insulation is now dependant on room size to external wall ratio, and can differ for different properties. Or consult the architect.

The water pressure should be a minimum 1.5bar to a maximum 4bar.

The foil on insulation panels will not affect the UFH pipe. The issue is when a liquid flowing screed is used, the foil then reacts with the screed causing air bubbles within the screed. This can be avoided by installing a polythene membrane over the insulation panels.  A sand/cement screed will not react with the foil. In both cause the pipework will remain unaffected. 

65mm – 75mm Sand / Cement Screed or 40mm – 50mm Liquid Flowing Screed

Unfortunately we no longer produce quotation’s or designs for Hep2O Underfloor heating. It is now an over the counter only offer. The range is aimed at installers, and is focussed on domestic projects. We do not supply bespoke drawings for projects, but you can enter your project details into our calculation tool (Hep2O Hepcalc) which generates a list price quotation, and list of items which can then be taken to a merchant. The range includes staples, system plates and dry construction panel systems along with manifolds, and a range of control options