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Our online estimating tool HepCalc will help you select the products you need, but here is a summary of the basic elements of a system and some system selection advice, tools and guidance.

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Choosing a System – The Three Essential Elements

Plumbed underfloor heating comprises of three key elements that work together to deliver the required heating performance and effect:

  1. Floor products incorporating underfloor heating pipe: to create the pipework circuits within the floor that will emit heat. Many floor products help to hold the pipe at the correct spacing to ensure even distribution of heat across the floor surface above.
  2. Manifold: to provide flow and return circulation of warm water at the correct temperature and flow rate to ensure an even, comfortable temperature across the whole floor surface.
  3. Controls: to monitor water and air temperature and signal the heat source. In effect, the nerve centre of the installed system. The careful selection of each of these is critical to the efficient operational performance of the entire installation.

Floor Products

The choice of floor product is influenced by several factors:

  • Whether the floor is being newly constructed or already exists.
  • Its type of construction: solid/screeded or dry/timber
  • The size and shape of the space to be heated
  • The type of floor finish that will be installed over the underfloor heating

A solution to suit any combination of these factors, can be found within the Hep2O underfloor heating product range.

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A manifold is required wherever underfloor heating is to be installed to serve two or more plumbed circuits from the boiler (or other primary heat source). When underfloor heating is being connected to a high temperature heat source which also controls hot water or radiators, a mixing unit is connected to the manifold to mix the water to the required temperature for the system.

The Hep2O underfloor heating range includes manifold solutions that can be tailored to each situation. The composite manifold can be sized to serve the exact number of individual underfloor heating circuits up to a maximum of 15 circuits. Single circuit installations which require water temperature control will be connected to their heat source via a mixing unit, but will not require a full manifold.

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As with any type of heating, underfloor heating operation requires time and temperature control. Hep2O have several options available, ranging from wired systems to fully networked systems that can be controlled on your mobile device.

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Advice, Tools and Guidance

Our online estimator, HepCalc can help you through every step of the process. Just enter your room dimensions, either manually or through the Magic Plan room planning link, and we will take you though the process step-by-step, and generate a list of materials and a list price quote.

Simply take this to your stockist to place your order. Our products are available from plumbers and builders merchants nationwide and selected trade outlets.

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