Why Underfloor Heating?

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Underfloor Heating using piped warm water is a modern and energy-efficient option for heating homes and other buildings. It delivers comfortable warmth for occupants, as well as other practical benefits. With underfloor heating, the floor is gently heated by piped warm water and the heating energy is emitted from the floor by natural radiation. This heat is absorbed by other surfaces in the room which then also emit warmth.

The result is an all-round, more even warmth than is typically achieved by other space heating techniques. Radiators, for example, use room air to transfer the heat, mostly by convection. This reliance on the convection of air to heat the room results in uneven warmth and higher temperatures at ceiling height compared with floor level.

As radiators intrude on the usable space within a room, there is a general desire to keep them as compact as possible. As a consequence of this, the piped water has to be hotter than for underfloor heating in order to achieve the same level of comfort for the occupants.

Underfloor Heating Offers Many Benefits to The Homeowner

  • Lower water temperatures required for underfloor heating mean better energy efficiency with fuel bills up to 20% lower
  • More even room temperature ensures all round comfortable warmth
  • Silent running – no expansion creaking or water flow noise
  • Unhindered room layout – because there are no wall-mounted radiators
  • Healthier environment – because less dust is circulating in the air
  • Decreased irritants – as the warm floor inhibits the breeding of dust mites and fungi
  • Greater safety – because there are no exposed hot surfaces
  • Low maintenance – no radiators to redecorate or renew, or to be ‘dropped’ to allow room redecoration